Home of the Eagles

Welcome to Nett Lake Elementary School! We are proud and fortunate to have such a beautiful school tucked away in the north woods region of Minnesota. Our school motto, “Nett Lake Eagles are respectful, responsible, and ready to fly!” applies well beyond our classrooms! Our staff provides a learning environment with academic, social, emotional, and cultural learning opportunities in the most inspiring and nurturing way. Nett Lake is equipped with the latest technology to enhance learning in a way that induces higher order thinking, sparks imagination, and builds creative learners to prepare them for the future. We have an iPad for every one of our K–6 students! Our teachers stay well informed with professional development and professional learning communities to deliver creative, student-responsive curriculum and instruction. We have the lowest class sizes in the region. With our committed staff, we are able to provide the individual academic support your child needs. Our partners support us with programs such as the Boys and Girls Club, Head Start, and early learning readiness. Together, we are building a cohesive environment that centers around early learning, nurturing, and the raising of our kids. 

Your child will progress through Nett Lake Elementary School with an encouraging and supportive team of teachers, administrators, board members, and fellow peers who all work together toward our school's mission and common goal. 

We value your interest in Nett Lake Elementary School. Please come for a visit!

A Message from Our Principal


Welcome to Nett Elementary School, the home of the Eagles! We are a small rural school that is designed to serve our students with a cultural emphasis in mind. We are proud to teach the roots of native life going back hundreds of years, learning about not only subsistence life, but also the admirable innovations that came out of Native American living. It our community, we endeavor to reach beyond any past limitations and develop in new and inspiring ways—beginning with our students. All of us staff here at Nett Lake have committed to creating an environment that provides all the resources our students need to achieve the highest learning standards that each and every one deserves to have, and we have fun doing it! The elementary years are the formative years, so we strive to develop within each child a sense of respect, responsibility, and personal creativity to carry with him/her throughout the coming years!   

We have redesigned our website to give you a clear understanding of all that is going on here at Nett Lake Elementary, so please click away. If you have any remaining questions, please contact us. 

We look forward to seeing you soon!