Our Staff

Nett Lake Elementary is fortunate to have a team of well-qualified and passionate educators working with our students. Each teacher is certified to teach and has received the appropriate accreditation by the state of Minnesota. With the help of our fine staff, your child will develop the tools necessary to thrive within all aspects of learning.

You may reach any of our staff below by email or by calling (218) 757-3102 and entering the designated extension.


Peter Hardy
P: Ext. 104
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Christine Hampson
Business Manager
P: Ext. 103
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Corinne Whiteman
School Secretary
P: Ext. 101
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Laura Reinsch
Kindergarten & 1st Grade
P: Ext. 121
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Nicole Benner
2nd & 3rd Grade
P: Ext. 130
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Genie Turner
4th & 5th Grade
P: Ext. 132
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Lee Gillson
Special Education
P: Ext. 128
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Michelle Clines
Title I
P: Ext. 129
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Ryan Bajan
Culture - Ojibwe
P: Ext. 158
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Jeanine Whiteman
Indian Education Liaison
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Julie Whiteman
P: Ext. 156
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Support Staff

Thomas Burnett
Bus Driver

Adrain Jones
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Michelle Rautiola
Head Cook
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Cheryl Skraba
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Cindy Szweduik
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